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Watching and Waiting for the Big Eclipse

Synchronize your watches, folks!  The time is drawing closer to the astronomical event of the year, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, which will take place in the afternoon of August 21 this year.  Eclipse watch is in full swing as towns and municipalities large and small expect record crowds, fueled no doubt by the advent of all the social media that keeps the event on our minds.  Along with NASA, there are official and unofficial eclipse sites promising moment by moment commentary of what’s going on along the path of totality, that 70-mile-wide band that stretches from coast to coast.   If you have plans to see this rare event, good for you.  If you’re still trying to get a plan together, good for you, too, because you can use the convenient services of  In fact, you can first search Groupon and find a money saving deal and apply it to your trip through

The key thing is to get as near to the path of totality as possible.  While a partial viewing is possible, more want the full Monty, and to experience that, you must be in a precise location at the designated time.  The good thing about using is that they can help you with arrangements from the airline tickets to car rental to lodging.  And you have a choice of the standard hotels and motels as well as apartments.  For example, if you want to travel to Charleston, which is the southern-most city in the contiguous United States that will be in the path, and need a place to stay.  You can still find 43 apartments, 10 b&b’s, 7 hotels, 3 resorts and 2 condos’ available.  With so many choices, you’re sure to find something in your budget to fit your needs.  And if you need a car or want to take in the sites in the area, they have plenty listed on the site as well.

So don’t miss the party of the year.  Get online and search Groupon for a good deal for  Groupons are super easy to use.  You just call them up on the app, and apply them at checkout and you’re all set to enjoy the savings.  There’s no fees to pay for a subscription, or coupons to clip.  and secure your place in an area to secure your place in time to see one of the true astronomical wonders of the world.