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Tips for Maintaining Your Wig

Lots of people wear wigs, either because they are losing or have lost their own hair or because they just want to have a new look temporarily. However, good wigs aren’t cheap. It pays to learn about proper Wig Care and maintenance so your wigs last as long as possible and always look their best.

Type of Wig

A human hair wig requires different care than one made from synthetic materials, so make sure you know which type of wig you have. Purchase a brush, shampoo, and conditioner specifically formulated for the type of wig you own. With synthetic wigs, it’s particularly important not to style using heat, as this can melt the wig and ruin it.

Cleaning Your Wig

Approximately every eight to twelve times you use your wig, you should wash and dry it. This takes some time because it is best to let the wig air dry, so many people have at least two wigs. Using the appropriate brush for the type of wig, gently brush out any tangles. Soak the wig in cold water mixed with a small amount of shampoo for about five minutes, then rinse. Then soak it in cold water with wig conditioner for a couple minutes and rinse. Wrap a towel around the wig and gently press out as much water as possible, then allow wig to dry fully on a wig stand. Once it’s dry, keep it covered so it doesn’t get dusty.

Wig Styling

There are hairdressers that specialize in styling wigs. Go to one of these for any major style changes to wigs to limit the risk they’ll accidentally become damaged. In general, s spritz of water and gentle styling with a wig brush, wig comb or your fingers is the best way to go on a regular basis. Using wig mousse is another alternative. Hair sprays can damage some wigs, so they aren’t typically recommended.

Other Tips

Don’t shower or sleep in your wig, and make sure that you still take care of your own hair even if you typically cover it with a wig. When in doubt, follow any care instructions that came with your wig.