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Nixon Watches

Take the “Rotolog” model. It’s inlaid with walnut. The Metal Atom watch, is black and purple. I mean….it’s ALL black and purple, including the strap.

The Time Teller PU range come in the most fantastic colors, all with matching brightly colored wrist straps and faces. Many of them are deeply hued with pastel shades of blue, green, orange etc. They look totally amazing and you have probably never seen a range like this before.

The Lodown Titanium is Nixon’s neon pink model and is quite simply stunning. It’s pre-loaded with the tide logs for 200 of the best surfing beaches over the next fifteen years. Bearing in mind the fact that some of the company’s biggest fans are the surfing community, this may come as no surprise.

Nixon watches have been worn for years by the worlds top skiers, skaters and surfboarders, and they are fast becoming a fashion accessory “must have”. Indeed, apart from watches Nixon have expanded into other fashionable clothing items etc. It may not be too long before Nixon fashion items are seen on the catwalk.

The company was formed back in 1997 in California, starting out with a very small range of customised designer watches aimed at the Californian youth market such as skateboarders, skiers and surfers. They very soon grew to be the fashionable item that everyone wanted to be seen wearing, and from selling a small range of watches Nixon expanded at the turn of the century into the accessories market and now operates in many countries. Nixon also produce a range of fashionable music earphones.

And being “seen” wearing one of these watches is not so difficult. To be honest, once you take a look at the fantastic range of watches they produce, you would certainly be able to spot one on someone’s arm from a mile away. Aside from selling watches Nixon sponsor a surf competition in Spain each year with a $10,000 prize.