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Leather Cuff Watch

While leather bands are no stranger to watches, using a large cuff is another look entirely. Mainly used in men’s fashion, leather cuff watch styles boast a much broader band than the traditional leather bands for watches. These cuffs are trendy and have the ability to butch up the look of your watch and style. They make a statement that says, “I am cool and I know it”. These watches must be worn with confidence because they will garner a lot of attention and the wearer must know how to handle that attention in a cool, casual and confident way.

However, this style of watches are not just for men anymore. In fact, many watch manufacturers are now producing these watches for women as well. These watches, while a bit more dainty than the men’s versions, are just as trendy and make just as much as a fashion statement as the men’s. If you are looking for a watch that impacts your personal style, then there is nothing better than one with a wide leather band.

These watches are not for wearing at the office or in meetings. They are definitely more on the casual side, but done so with flair. You can find leather cuffs with all types of adornments attached as well as different looks to the leather itself. There are animal print and leather skin motifs for the most daring. Most leather cuff watches are found in brown, black and even white leather. Most have some type of adornment such as metal studs, decorative top stitching, buckles or other metal detailing.