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History of Watches

The winners are the people who know how to make use of their time in the best way. Many of us are not punctual and late most of the times. We just don’t get the idea of time clearly. Statistics showed that the majority of the people, who do not appreciate time, do not wear watches. It does not mean that who wear them are always punctual, but the percentage of people who are not wearing them and do not appreciate time is bigger.

In the past, people counted on the moon, the sun and the stars to track time. The moon, the sun and the stars were the first tools to track time. Even if the major function of the watch is to track time, the watch function evolved a lot to become a fashion statement nowadays. At the beginning of the 19th century, watches were portable and people carried in their pocket. It was only when the wristwatches were introduced at end of the 19th century that the watch became a fashion accessory. The Swiss producers were the leader in this process.

The First wristwatches were manual and required winding. The ones running on batteries were introduced in the fifties By Hamilton watches. With the Battery watches, the idea of manual winding became old age. Twenty years later, digital watches were introduced to the marketplace.

At the same time the digital watch was introduced, Swatch Company, the manufacturer of Swatch Watch, launched a big campaign promote the analogue watches. They were very successful and as a result the digital watches did not dominate the market. At the end of last century, another marketing campaign was launched By the Swiss Watch manufactures in an effort to promote the analogue watch as a fashion accessory.

This was also a very successful campaign and sales of analogue watches were phenomenal throughout the world. Over time, many innovations were done and watches serve many functions. Self winding and solar operated ones were introduced to the market in addition to other types like LCD and LED.