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All about Analogue Verses Digital Watches

The first and foremost difference between a digital watch and an analogue one is in the way time is displayed. In digital watches, time is displayed in the form of numbers right to the exact seconds. In this way, one can see the precise time with a digital watch.

Whether a watch is analogue or digital, that refers only to the display of the watch and not the movement technology used within the watch. Digital watches come with advanced functions like stopwatch, alarm, calculator and other features depending upon the brand. In the more expensive kind of analogue features, there are features like stopwatch and date, etc.

When it comes to the working of the watches, another thing to note is that when a watch stops working, it may take some time for a person to realise it in case of analogue watches. However, digital watches get a blank display when the battery is finished. Other than that, the display may also become dim for some time before completely becoming blank.

While we’re considering the appearance of both the kind of watches, it is worth mentioning that these watches offer a better picture with a dial and the movement of the minute and hour hands. The analogue watches by famous brands look like a piece of beauty and luxury watchmakers like Cartier make watches featuring only analogue display.

Whether you get a digital watch or an analogue one depends upon the usage and function that you have in mind related to the watch. Casual watches that are meant to be comfortable and for daily use, have to be clearly visible and this is why, most people own a digital watch as a casual watch.

Fashion watches come in different colours and designs and these watches can be either analogue to digital. When it comes to more formal, business like and luxury watches, these watches are mostly analogue and have gemstones carved in them, which makes them a work of excellence. You can see wide range of Ladies Watches and make your choice.