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About Unisex Watches

Watches have come to represent a ‘lifestyle’ more than the actual design and values have been enhanced because of this factor. The last few decades, especially, have seen watches ‘walking the catwalk’ firmly establishing their status as a fashion accessory. Unisex watches fit the trend nicely because of their ‘dual looks’ and make an impressive fashion statement without costing a ‘bomb’.

From fashion icons to Hollywood heartthrobs, sport personalities, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and others, everyone likes to sport a ‘Unisex’ watch. The reasons are not hard to find with designs that are baroque, futuristic, minimalistic or retro with ease of wear and maintenance and suitability for every occasion. In fact, it is these same qualities that have made popular watch designers turn to unisex watches by launching newer product lines that are finding lucrative markets.

Sensing the fashion consciousness, unisex watches are evolving to cater to different types of users. Features like sapphire dial windows vie with mineral dial windows, retro competes with digital all bringing to mind reminiscences of past era of gadgets as well as showcasing the advancement of technology in watch manufacturing.

Whether a high-end model or a budget version, Unisex watches are stylish and blend the attributes of design, durability, reliability and versatility in a neat and compact manner that is appealing to all.

Some of the timeless and evergreen Unisex watches to watch out for are:

• Phillipe Starck Unisex Digital PH1116 – An extraordinary watch with an LED display for a watch face; the red digital display light up emanates from its stainless steel and resin case and can be ascribed to fit into futuristic, sci-fi worlds. Features include battery powered quartz mechanism, date and time display, convenience of usage in low-light conditions and water resistant up to a 100 feet.

• Mulco Unisex Bluemarine Swiss Movement Watch – This Swiss model is one of the top-rated ones reviewed the most on sites; features include a round dial window in a stainless steel case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water resistant feature up to 330 feet, day and date display. It’s extremely youthful and reliable mechanism and use of high quality material like the watch band made of silicone speaks class and sophistication like none other.

• Timex Unisex T2N651 – An ideal choice for both sexes looking for classic features and a functional design, the Timex Unisex offers great visibility from any angle; dark numbers on a lighter background, a dial encased in high-quality crystal window, luminescent hands for hours, minutes and seconds, and Indigo backlit system for night-time visibility are some of its standout features. A great retro-feel watch for anyone looking to sport an affordable unisex watch.